I am a fashion designer and illustrator working from my studio during the weekdays. I work for clients such as fashion brands, ad agencies, publishing houses and trend bureaus. The work I do for them includes; ad campaigns, editorials, book covers, packaging, wallpaper/interior decoration, textilepattern and prints, record covers, trendbook illustrations and much more. It is the best job in the whole world!
When I am not all engaged in some commercial project I am occupied by self initiated work which is an important outlet for my personal ideas and aesthetics. 

Sometimes I also teach fashion illustration at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design & Conservation or The Fashion Design Academy

Those things keep me fairly busy but I also spend time planting and growing vegetables and fruit in the garden and rearranging things/furniture in the house and sewing or knitting stuff for myself or my two kids. There is nothing like watching things grow, blossom and bloom - be it kids, art, needlework or plants!

I hope you will follow my blog....

x Mia

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