Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kitty with a hat & piggy with a tat.

Soooo it has been a while! I know I am not the most diligent blogger around, but I love putting things up here even though it is not often it happens! Hopefully you are enjoying the scarce posts anyways...

It is time for a new update since a new collection out from Soft Gallery (kids apparel brand). They commissioned three artworks of mine for their AW 16 collection called Home Sweet Home. I created my signature animal portraits with a preppy feel, plus a tatted-up piggy. When reflecting on the "home"-theme the pig came to my mind as the pig is almost a trademark of Denmark (my home) , as we produce and export tons and tons of bacon...
The cat and the dog are two all time favourite pets, so it seemed obvious to include them too, since they are present in numerous homes in Denmark and even world-wide.

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