Friday, September 18, 2015

flower bomb

I should be drawing something from the New York fashion week, I feel like it, but I am tied up in commissions. So I will share more promo-work that I created last week. It is an "old" perfume, but I really like its shape and the associations you get from the name "flower bomb". Also the two guys Victor & Rolf are some of my favourite designers. So here I am bombing you with a fragrance illustration. There will be more to come...

I will be printing new work for my portfolio this coming week, as I will be going to Berlin next Friday to show my book at the UPDATE15 salon. It is really exciting! I have bought a new folio for the occasion and lots of new matte A3 printing paper. Some new pencils and ink also snug its way into the basket, but it feels so good to have new materials to work with. It can really set some fire to the creativity!  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Finalist at GoSeeAWARDS15

This year's campaign motif is from the amazing paper artist Ollanski.

I am so pleased to announce that I am shortlisted on the GoSeeAWARDS15. Out of 900 submitted spreads, projects and works / my work made it to the final round. 10 finalists are left in the illustration category and I am one of them! Yay! See the other finalists here: Finalists.

There is also a public voting taking place this year, and everyone with a GoSee account (or who registers for one) can log in and vote. So I hereby encourage you to do this! This is such a nice forum for creatives - so if you are one; please do consider to make an account and upload your work for the community of professionals to see.

The winners of all categories will be announced at the UPDATE15 in Berlin on September 25th. and I am seriously considering going there with my portfolio. Would be such a great opportunity to meet people in the business and make new connections.

I am so excited!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

more birds

I have yet another bird and flower artwork for you today. This is another promotional piece for my portfolio.

I hope you will be flying through the day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I am working on some new material for my portfolio these days. Lately I have been drawing birds and other nature elements. Not that the flowers I draw are exact copies of actual flowers, but nature seems to be of endless inspiration to me, and many other artists through time. I like looking at nature and how a leaf bends and these sorts of things and then translate it to my own visual language. Numerous silhouettes, palettes, textures and patterns are to be found in nature too. Beauty without limit!

I am considering making this as a print available for purchase through my web shop (which have not really been updated in a very long time..).

I will also upload all new work to my website;

Have a lovely day!