Tuesday, August 4, 2015

the scene / soft gallery collaboration AW 2015

Once more I have collaborated with Soft Gallery, danish kids wear brand, who specialise in collaborations with artists and illustrators from all over the world. So if you are looking for printed garments for your kid (or yourself - they also have a small line for grown-ups!) you should definitely check out their collections. Their items are beautifully made and of excellent (and soft) quality.

 The collection is called The Scene and here is a description of what inspired this collection:
"The streets are yours to live and flourish in. Be brave and be curious. Make new discoveries. Express yourself and inspire those around you. "The Scene" is your street and the street is your road. Embrace it!
The AW 2015 collection is all about living with your eyes wide open. It's about engaging in life. About seeing, feeling and living it all." "Be free. Be true. Be you"

Inspired by the words from the Soft Gallery team, I created several prints for both boy and girl items and enjoyed it immensely. I thought about the animals living in the city, like pets and wild birds which have grown almost tame because they live among humans. The dogs are treated almost like people and often adopt the same personality as their owner. The city dogs live most of their life walking in the city streets. Streetwise dogs.

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