Friday, March 13, 2015

soft gallery cooperation

Soft Gallery is the name of a wonderful kids clothing brand which specialise in offering kids (and their mamas) the coolest outfits. They bring in new artists for every collection to adorn their apparel with their artwork. For their latest collection I had the honor of submitting a print for a boys t-shirt and a pillowcase. You have probably already seen the artwork if you are following this blog. It is the sailor monkey as seen below which fitted their travel-theme for the current collection.

I think I may have to get this shirt for my son, Klint, who turned 5 years old last Friday!

I am a big fan of Soft Gallerys concept of cooperating with artists to help bring that personal touch to the collections combined with also designing fashionable, wearable clothes, made in high quality materials. And to top it all off; they also support a good cause by donating a percentage of their sales to a childcare center in South India. They have got it right!

Anyways take a look at their website HERE to discover great loveliness.

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