Monday, February 9, 2015

wall mural design for Mr Perswall

I have been really into designing wallpaper lately. Below are images of a design I made for Mr. Perswall based in Sweden. 

The theme of the latest collection is street art and the urban scene. 

So I brain-stormed a bit and thought about how the city is really another nature. The cityscape and the landscape are similar in many ways - only the city is man-made and artificial. So I came up with these mechanical birds. Which are similar to natures´ birds, but visibly artificial and in that sense "dead". My fascination with the theme of life and dead is never ending! 

I imagine these birds coming to life from old junk in an alley in the city. Here they nest in cords and feed on metallic bits and bobs. 

The special thing about this design is that it is really wide, which means that the same motif will only show a couple of times on the wall, if it is a decent amount of square meters. 

The wallpaper is to purchase at Mr Perswall website. You can find it here:

Photographer Lina Östling
 I definitely will hang this somewhere in my house. Maybe above the staircase in the hall...

Take care till next time! xx


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