Monday, January 26, 2015

wallpaper design for Photowall

I am proud to present two wallpaper designs of my doing. Now available at Photowall.
I have created these two designs under the title; My favorite things. My fascination with insects was the point of departure for these patterns that I really enjoyed making, whilst my thoughts went out to the late René Lalique, glass- and jewellery maker of the art nouveau era, who was a master at creating insect-like ornaments from glass and metal.

René Lalique - Dragonfly pendant

Five illustrators from my agency peppercookies in London were asked to create two different designs each, an individual take on their very favorite things. The five illustrators behind the designs are Lisa Billvik, Mira Nameth and design-duo Edholm Ullenius from Sweden, and Danes Mia Marie Overgaard and Michelle Carlslund.

"Flies" wallpaper repeat

 My favorite things is available exclusively from Photowall and includes 10 designs in all. The designs can be ordered to size and cost £33 per square metre.

"Beetles" wallpaper repeat
For these patterns, I found inspiration from the silhouettes of insects. In my eyes, the insects are tiny living jewels of the nature. I have arranged beetles, cicadas, grasshoppers and flies in harmony and patterns in which they do not naturally appear. In this way they are transformed into more decorative objects.

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