Friday, January 9, 2015

I am back!


Long time no see. And there is a good reason why.

I gave birth to this wonderful little girl in July. Her name is Lyng and I love her dearly. She has got lots of hair on her little head, the tiniest little hands and feet, and two teeth already. I am with her day and night and love her happy company. This girl hardly ever cries; she is more of the shouting kind which can be just about as stressful. Right now she is peacefully asleep in her crib which gives me a moment to work a bit and post this first post of the year 2015. Amazing!

I found these little t-shirts on which I made the print for Molo kids back in the days, and now she is actually soon big enough to wear them. So before I put them in the washer I captured this snap-shot of them to file in my portfolio. Can´t wait for her to wear them.

Well, enough baby-talk for now. I will return soon with more news. Right now I have some drawing to do!!!

I hope all is well where you are at and I wish you a wonderful weekend.



  1. Så flotte Mia. Tak for sidst - og håber vi snart ses igen. God arbejdslyst og hils familien. xx Fie

    1. Tak, Fie! Det er også sådan nogle fine ting du selv har lavet til Italien!