Saturday, January 10, 2015


Do you know the blog Decor8?

I came across it a couple of years ago when the author of the blog, Holly Becker posted about my work. She had seen it on her way to a friend on a poster in Hamburg where she lives. She had snapped a photo of the poster and later learned that the artwork was made by me for Volkswagen Autostadt.
I love how she made the effort to track down who made the poster by actually calling the agency. It is nice to know that the things you put into the world actually is well-received and that it does make a difference in its own small way.

Read the full post here:


Decor8 is one of my favorite blogs to read and I have been following it for quite some years now. It mostly concerns interior design, home decoration/styling and cooking. Holly Becker is a journalist, stylist and bestselling author as she has published two books about decoration too. She regularly posts about other creative people and their work in the most lovely, inspiring way.
If you haven´t visited the blog yet, you definitely should!

Have a most delightful weekend.


  1. Oh thank you - I loved that poster so much. I am living in Hannover, where I found it near my house and snapped a photo - I was so inspired by it, it's hard to find beautiful illustrations on posters like this.I hope you do many more!

    1. Thank you so much, Holly. As I have already written in the post above; I love following your blog. Not only for the beautiful interior posts, but also for the reflections you post about life in general. Especially your thoughts about being a mother and self-employed creative person are my favorites. Thanks for sharing these personal, wise and inspirational reflections. And thanks for sharing my work!