Friday, February 14, 2014

DASH Magazine London.

Biannual magazine DASH asked me to create an illustration for their 5th issue, Spring/Summer 2014. The issue launches this weekend, just in time for London Fashion Week. I envy the people that are able to make it to the launch party in London this Sunday. If you are in the area and are feeling in the mood for party just follow the link above (click on DASH) and RSVP to the event before Feb 15th.

DASH Magazine specializes in featuring fashion illustration so it was a great honor to be asked to illustrate this interview about Illamasqua makeup.

I just received the magazine in the mail and it really is great to see a magazine that uses illustration this much. It is refreshing and inspirational to see fashion editorials illustrated as opposed to the photographic images that the mainstream magazines features in abundance. Of course as an artist and designer I love a different view on fashion.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream ad-driven fashion magazines, you should really try to get your hands on a copy of this excellent publication!

breif - reference material

1st sketch

2nd sketch

3rd sketch


print version

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