Friday, October 25, 2013

skøn magazine november issue

I was asked to create some small vignettes to be scattered around the christmas calendar featured in the next issue of SKØN which is out November 1st. I wanted to make something christmassy without it becoming too  cliché. This is actually pretty hard when we are talking christmas! Anyways I tried to avoid the elves, pines and reindeers and focused on a more girly, light and fun vibe using fresh tints of watercolors.

I used to not work much with watercolors, but it seems that this is what more and more businesses are requesting. Especially in the US, so I am adapting a bit to the market though the pencil is the love of my life (next to my hubby and son that is..) and I will never give that up. Watercolors seem so effortless and "welcoming" but they are actually quite hard to control, so with a perfectionist mindset it can be pretty challenging!

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