Monday, October 28, 2013

st. lucia in aritzia magazine

I have been lucky enough to be asked to do a portrait of Jean-Philip Grobler aka St. Lucia, a New York based artist.

The Canadian online magazine Aritzia is doing a piece about him because he is launching a first full-length album, called When The Night. You can listen to it on soundcloud here: St. Lucia

I wanted to do something in the lines of their album cover which captures the ethereal feel of the music. It has an exotic, warm sound with lots of reverb.

I listened to the music while creating the portrait, to get into the "vibe"and I liked it very much! I would be perfect for a Friday night with drinks and friends!
It is dreamy, nostalgic pop, which somehow reminds me a bit of Pet Shop Boys.

Friday, October 25, 2013

mr. five

Guess what! I have made a new animal portrait available as A4 print in my shop. These prints make for a nice gift or for a fun decor in a kids room - or in your own!

Meet Mr. Five. He is named after the late pet bunny I had as a kid, Femmer (Five), which started out being a cute little bunny, but grew out of hand to this big monster of a rabbit! Too wild by nature to be the cuddly little pet I wished for. So I had to let him go (NOT kill but sell!)...

But in reminiscence of the monster rabbit came this portrait and they actually bear some resemblance.

But it is no secret that this Mr. Five loves line dance and to play his lap steel guitar!

skøn magazine november issue

I was asked to create some small vignettes to be scattered around the christmas calendar featured in the next issue of SKØN which is out November 1st. I wanted to make something christmassy without it becoming too  cliché. This is actually pretty hard when we are talking christmas! Anyways I tried to avoid the elves, pines and reindeers and focused on a more girly, light and fun vibe using fresh tints of watercolors.

I used to not work much with watercolors, but it seems that this is what more and more businesses are requesting. Especially in the US, so I am adapting a bit to the market though the pencil is the love of my life (next to my hubby and son that is..) and I will never give that up. Watercolors seem so effortless and "welcoming" but they are actually quite hard to control, so with a perfectionist mindset it can be pretty challenging!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

artstool in progress

These days I am working on a project to be exhibited soon.
Here is a little preview on the progress. The stool is produced and designed by the sculptor Stine Ring Hansen as part of a artist collaboration.
I still have some elements that I want to add to the sculpture/stool so it is not quite finished yet...

Monday, October 14, 2013

weekend moments

Textures, colors, light... inspirational moments appeared in the weekend. 
The last picture shows a chandelier-like piece of art, which is made by my good friends Anna Rosa Hjort Lorentzen and Jeppe Worning. They exhibited in Copenhagen (actually last weekend) at Bryggergården build in 1749 and once owned by the king. Their piece was inspired by the fact that the old apartment where the exhibition was set, is said to have been a place of seduction for former royalties and the like...