Friday, September 27, 2013

missing kauai

While I have accepted the fact that the summer is over I could not help but take this hibiscus flower (or "Hawaii flower" as we call it in Denmark) home with me the other day passing a flower store. It instantly reminded me of the island Kauai and our trip there 6 years ago. It made me miss the slow pace of island life, the sound of lap steel guitar and ukulele, snorkeling and hiking up to gaze at waterfalls and seeing humpback whales from the cliffs - oh and not to forget; our wedding ceremony at the beach!!! What an exciting trip it was! I can not believe 6 years have passed though many good things have happened since then. Like having a son (which is probably the coolest, greatest, most exhausting and thrilling thing I have ever experienced! Nothing beats that!), moving into our own house (also quite exhausting - mostly because it is an old house...), setting up my studio etc.

Well well - I leave you with this beautiful flower and wish you the loveliest weekend.

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