Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wise words

Copied from Illustration Voice:

You Cannot Be What You Cannot See
By Rebecca Bedrossian
Illustration fights much harder for a place in the advertising world. It’s been up against an admirable foe—photography—that is ubiquitous in advertising. A few years back, I was a judge for the Society of Illustrators 50th competition, not in the ad category, but books. That year, Richard Berenson, president of the Society, said, “Photography was seen as fact, illustration fiction, photography is today, illustration is yesterday.”
While I don’t agree, it’s hard to refute when in the 2012 CA Advertising Annual, out of 142 winning projects, there were just 5 with illustration. In the Illustration Annual, it’s different—there’s more: The 2013 Illustration Annual has 64 projects in the Advertising category.
Why this disconnect?
While I don’t have the answer, I do know that illustrators are working for advertising clients.
To borrow a phrase from Miss Representation, you cannot be what you cannot see. The way to increase illustrative ads is to make them visible, not only in illustration competitions, but in advertising annuals.

When I went looking for illustrators working for advertising clients, I came across some dynamic ads using illustration to great effect, in both print and TV.
United is one company that has used illustration to tug at heartstrings. Many of the TV spots, created by Barrie D’Rozario Murphy, have been described as poetry in motion.
“With illustration, you can do just about anything your mind can imagine,” Bob Barrie asserts. “It’s emotional. People get wrapped up in it. It’s more symbolic than photography. You can insert yourself in the experience.”
Make a smart match with music and you strike an emotional chord, or two.
Our daily lives are flooded with information—insane amounts of data are thrown at us by the minute. Add to that iPhones, Instagram, and the like, and photography is everywhere. The time is now to break through the clutter of our new reality—with illustration that expresses the subtle nuances of our culture like no other medium.

Rebecca Bedrossian is a mom, editor, writer, Brownie troop leader, lover of art and food, supporter of social justice, who is working on a delicious life. Former managing editor of Communication Arts magazine, you can see her handiwork at rebeccabedrossian.contently.com, or contact her at rebeccabedrossian@yahoo.com.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Editorial for ALT for damerne

Issue 25 of ALT for damerne (DK) contains illustrations of my making. I made the artwork an article about becoming a mom and how it can be more exhausting and tiresome than you expected.
New reseach shows that the level of individual happiness decreases when we have children and only rises to "normal" levels when they reach the age of 7 years.... hmmm food for thought!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend Moments

Fauna & Klint Playdate
Saturday Breakfast
Elderflower Lemonade

Radishes from the garden

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Etsy shop re-opened!

Sun is shining and I would be out in the garden with my hands in the dirt if it wasn't for all the lovely things that need to be done right here in the studio.

These days I want to do everything simultaneously and even though I am (almost) a master at multitasking I find it frustrating not to finish one project before I dive into the next. I want to plant more veggies in the garden, paint big canvases - and the house, draw like there is no tomorrow and sew pillows, curtains, shorts and pretty dresses... This morning I was finishing up a cap I started sewing for my son last night, while balancing a cup of coffee and trying to keep an eye on the seam, whilst Klint who was sitting on my lap "helped" me with the needles. Needless to say we ended up running to the playschool with messy hair and runny nose... So you can try to squeeze in unfinished projects in the morning, but know that there isn't really time for it! BUT I did get to finish the cap and that leaves space and time for some other adventure tonight! HaHAAA!

Anyways - my shop on Etsy is now open and I have put up several prints and some original art for sale. Do take a look here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MiaOvergaard and share with your friends, please. I will be adding more items along the way.

Here's a peek:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Portraits for Toronto Life Magazine

These portraits were created for a family tree of the McCain family who is one of the richest families in Canada, since they are one of USA's oldest and largest distributors of frosen foods including french fries.

The main characters in the story brought in the June issue of Toronto Life are Michael and Christine  McCain (last couple above), they are getting a divorce and he is worth $800,000,000....!

I am tempted to sing...