Monday, April 22, 2013

New patterns/decorative projects

I have been flipping through a whole pile of old nature magazines from the '60s that was passed on to me from our neighbor who was moving out. The pictures in the magazines are really poor compared to the pictures we see nowadays. But seem somehow more authentic as they have not been overly edited digitally. At that time you just had to go with the best frame on the film!
Also the print techniques have become much more advanced with time. Details are blurred and sometimes the offset alignment is not quite good...
Sooo these magazines are in other words in poor condition, but very inspiring nonetheless. After all animals will be animals...

I created a decorative piece from what caught my eye.

I would imagine this "Tropical Mix" would be great as a mural.

Spring has finally arrived in Denmark and the weekend was tremendous! Finally freckles are starting to show on my nose after spending hours in the garden, potting and planting. Love it!

I wish you a lovely day. 


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