Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Morning!

Good Morning in the studio! This is what my workspace looks like these days... I got more furniture this weekend because of rearrangement in the house, but I like to have more space for drawing and sewing etc. I feel so privileged to have this space of my own. Maybe it looks a little crammed to you - but I love it that way...

This picture (just above) is a documentation of my weekend (house) project. I am painting closet doors for our hall... "Hall" make it sound very big, but it is actually not. It is very small, and I think it lacks some color. So here we go - lots of nice, bright, triangular colors! I painted the doors with acrylic colors and the black one has some texture to it, and the triangles that look white are actually silver/metallic. I love how it adds various shine and texture to the once so very boring and 60's brown doors. Finally I will add a layer of varnish to make them sturdier.

Have a lovely day out there.

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