Wednesday, March 27, 2013

... and another one....

So this is the third piece in the beauty illustration series for Carlin Group International. 


This kind of styling is inspired by the sea punk trend, described like this; 
"Seapunk is a subgenre of electronic dance music, fashion trend and design style created online by a small group of social media. Seapunk gained popularity as it was shared, forwarded, and linked across the internet.

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani have all been seen donning bright blue hair, and seapunk frontrunner Zombelle said "There are people who work for Lady Gaga in my circle of friends." Other major trends in seapunk include mirrored circle sunglasses, yin-yangs, aquatic animal tattoos and anything that glows blue."

I love these colors. And find the trend very inspiring as I have not seen anything like it before. The aestetics doesn't derive from a past fashion trend but draws on other, more mystical references. I like that. Another thing that appeals to me is the mood of all of the above pics. Despite the bright colors and lightness of fabrics and surroundings, the girls in the pictures refuse to smile! Their eyes seem to say; "In case you are wondering; am not doing this for fun! I am dead serious about my tutu-shorts and turquoise hair color!"

Truth is I love doing these trend illustrations because they require some research - and it is always fun to be handed a brief, containing other peoples visions and then try to realise their ideas. It is actually kind of a beautiful thing when you think about it like that. My hands and eyes are translators of visions, thoughts and ideas. My own or others.

"When you draw the mind slowly begins to explore a certain reality through the rendering." Rodriego Perez de Arce.

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