Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This time of year


... my studio space (now with wooden floors and fireplace!).
... creating new work for my portfolio.
... knitting striped sweater for my kid out of scrap yarn.
... apples of own produce (we have two appletrees in the garden). Have been eating tons of them already.
... making good old applecake.
... moving furniture around trying to create the most cosy livingroom possible.
... chestnuts.
... lovely neighbors.

The light is so beautiful this time of year. Autumn and winter is a very productive time for me, workwise. Summer was quite hectic with trying to bring the house in order and grooming the garden etc. hcih we are still working on!
BUT the floor in my studio is now in and I am loving how the whole family has moved in and we all feel revitalized by this "new beginning". I also love how the place encourage creativity, imagination and productivity. My son has got an obsession with building dens out of blankets, chairs and pillows and does this most happily in my studio.. also my husbondo decided to spend time in the corner doing his research and claimed that he had been much more productive in here (although he has his own space just across the hall!). I am glad the the whole family benefits from this room the the house.
We also build a new easel (giant!) from scrap wood (which we have plenty of hence the house renovation etc.) So now there is no excuse for me not to get on with painting. Luckily so.

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