Monday, October 22, 2012

Get in the game

I am getting in gear for the upcoming Open Doors, which is a happening taking place in the area where I live. A group of working artists which I am part of will open up their studios to the public. I am in the midst of figuring out what to display on this occasion as well as trying to get some new work done. I think I will put some prints up for sale and "older" work too. Let's see what happens - I am quite excited about it as I have not done a thing like this before...

But for your info; this event is called "Open Doors" and will take place the weekend of November 3th and 4th 2012.
So stop by for a cup, a talk and/or a peek!

A reception will take place at Lyngby Kunstforening (Jernbanepladsen 22) Thursday 1. November 2012. From 17-18.30. All the artists will be present and I will be exhibiting 1 piece of artwork. The show will also be on view Saturday 3. November, 11-14. Admission is free.

See you!
Now back to work...

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