Saturday, February 4, 2012

Start Social

Finally the StartSocial project came to life! I received to book in the mail last week and it looks so fine.
This is a short description of the work StartSocial carries out:
Many people are spending their spare time by working in an honorary capacity or by volunteering social projects - alone, with friends, in an association, school or congregation. They have thousand ideas in mind how to solve social problems,
but sometimes the execution causes practical problems.
With our support they can make a difference. This is why startsocial provides assistance with these special projects. The focus should not be on the one-time moneyed assistance, but on the systematic transfer of knowledge by economic and social organisations leading to social projects.

The brief said to illustrate the work of the Nicolaidis-Foundation which is a public trust, that helps young widows and their children to deal with grief and daily routine.
The foundation conciliates to free self-help groups, therapists, financial and legal help. Even special activities for children and teens or therapeutical vacations are included in the care of the Nicolaidis-Foundation. The trust is building up a network of different organizations that help mourners all over Germany.

I tried to not make the illustration look too depressing as the topic is quite serious. My aim was to focus on the positive effect of sharing and taking time out to relax and reflect.

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