Friday, October 7, 2011


Now is the time for a new post!

I am still working on the renovation of my studio. It has been a long hard ride, but the end of painting and sanding and filling out holes in the wall is getting nearer and I am beginning to feel relieved because it has taken up a lot of space in my mind and a lot of time in my schedule! So I can't wait to settle in and start working on bigger projects and having space to do whatever I want. Drawing, painting, sewing, printing, dancing(!?)...

Meanwhile I am working on three projects that are all very lovely in their own little way. First one up is an illu for Danish fashion magazine Costume for whom I have previously made three paperdolls, which I will share with you in a post when I get the magazine in the mail! But I will give you a preview here.

Sketches for Costume paperdolls

The other is for Orion books. I am doing another Erica James cover.

And the last is the collaboration with Grabarz&Partner working on a project for the organization startsocial in Germany. 

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