Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful work

French-born brussels-based artist Lionel Estève is known for working with minimal materials - tiny items like thread, plastic beads, straws etc., transforming them into what seems to be troubling constellations of color,
phantasmagorical planets.

His installation 'there are no circles' is a five-metre diameter, spherical structure whose form is constructed from a frame of braided white fishing net - delicate and almost non-existent in presence, but strong and flexible regardless.
It is attached to posts approximately three metres tall within the La Verrière, Fondation d'Enerprise Hermès in Brussels.
It features a small motor that spins and spreads the the giant spider-like sculpture out as it rotates. Overall,
its diameter extends to six or seven metres when in motion. It moves slowly, free in the light, giving visitors the strong physical sense of vertigo, as if he were exchanging souls with the artist. The web-like installation consists of white threads beaded with colorful, plastic baubles appearing almost as if they are floating in space.

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