Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In my garden

Today I am working on one more Erica James cover as I am soaking in the sun that comes through my window, drawing birds and flowers and trees. Mmm trees! Don't you just love them?
These days I am feeling delighted by the weather and the fact that there are so many lovely flowers in my garden, and new ones just keep appearing. Can not believe that I actually now have a garden! It is such a strange thing; actually owning trees that are older than me and so large and full of power and strength. Here I go talking about strength again... I guess it just fascinates me. To me trees are such confirmation of the will to live.
Yesterday I brought some apple tree branches into the house to put in a vase, because I love their lovely flowers, but I just found an old British superstition about apple trees that says; It is said to be unlucky to bring May blossom into the house as this is often thought to be one of the homes of fairies.

Gosh! I guess I am lucky that the branches have not blossomed yet then!!!

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