Monday, May 2, 2011

Illustrators File vol.9

I have been asked to participate in the next Illustrators File, Japan, and I feel very honored. The launch of the last Illus. File vol. 8, was celebrated with a show in Tokyo at the Art Box Gallery.

 It seems that the show was a success, so I am really looking forward to the next one.

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  1. Dear Ms. Overgaard,

    We are a new magazine on the polish market, we are designed for young people who use facebook, youtube and appreciate graphics. We write about what happens in our city, what’s hot, we present places, exhibitions, things to discover, simply – we share our thoughts with the world.

    As I wrote we love graphics that is why we would like to give you a place (double-pages) for you in our magazine. Feel free to write about yourself and share with us your art, we will be very glad. If it does not suit you – we would like to get some of your works from the internet but we want you to agree so we can publish it. We leave a decision to you and look forward to receiving your reply.

    I enclosed the last copy of our magazine and facebook link.,ModIndex/Magazine

    Kind regards

    Angelina Sielewicz