Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This probably looks a little rough to you, but it is in fact my studio to be!
I can't wait to get it looking spic and span - it just takes a bit of hard work and I think I will be all set. In my eyes it looks like a dream come true! Ooh the tea I am going to sip while drawing and printing and painting.
And take a look at that sink. Isn't it beautiful?
The place was actually owned by a ceramic artist before I got my hands on it. That is why walls and ceiling look all sooted and dirty. But I love how it oozes creativity and ideas in the making. In that way I think that places absorb the energy that the inhabitants are emitting. So even if the inhabitant is no longer there you feel an accumulation (or lack) of energy when entering a place... it sounds kind of creepy.
Anyways - I am so excited about having my own place that I don't even see the hassle in getting it fixed. I will keep you updated on the process. 

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